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I'm interested in Frontend Development

Learn to build frontend technologies for web apps that drive users visual feelings and attract and retain users to web products. Learn More

I'm intersted in Backend Development

Learn to build what makes web applications work and perform the business logic for businesses and for enterprise softwares. Learn More

I'm interested in Product Design, UI/UX

Build design strategies, user interfaces and user experience for web and mobile apps that can be easily implemented. Learn More

I'm interested in Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering and DevOps are fast rising sought after tech skill. Cloud engineers help organizations deploy their apps and websites to the cloud for scalability, security, speed and growth. Learn More

I'm intersted in Digital Marketing

Learn how to market for brands on the internet using different digital marketing strategies to yield great results Learn More

I'm interested in Web and Creative Design

Learn how to create amazing visuals, graphics designs and other creative designs for brands Learn More

Industry Standard Curriculum

We have crafted a futuristic and everyday needs tech skill curriculum for our students.

Industry Experts Instructors

Our Instructors are not beginners. They are industry experts that can practically hold your hands to learn your courses.

Internship Opportunity

Work with a startup where you practically work on real life projects and with different team to build engineering solutions.


Certificate of completion will be issued to booster your tech career.

What our students and interns say

We have trained over 1000 learners and interns in tech skills in Africa

It was a very positive experience that helped me improve my digital marketing skills . Through this experience I gained more than just knowledge, I gained hands on experience. Keep up the good work

Kate Agbontaen Digital Marketing Intern

Actually the most amazing part of it all was that I never knew there was an easier way to create a website cos all I had in mind joining the program was that we'll be running it through codes but as it turns out to be what was kinda more easy and less stressful to learn It's a nice program and I really commend both Vertical Teams Ltd and Upschool Africa for the opportunity and job well done

Atukale Adewale Website Design Intern

I have learnt a lot about Product Design majorly UI/UX design. I was a novice in tech before I participated in a week UI/UX design class organized by Upschool Africa. Thanks Upschool Africa"

Kolade UX/UX Intern

When I thought of changing career paths to Tech. I was a bit worried about the transformation. During my few months at Upschool Africa, I have learnt about HTML, CSS and Web development and I am sure of a good career path in tech under their guide.

Femi Olaniyi. A. Frontend Development Learner

I can only confess that I really like you for the opportunity you gave me to learn Website Design at the Upschool Africa Internship 2.0. Thank you Upschool Africa, I love you all.

Sunday Adelaja Website Design Intern

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