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Join the Upschool Africa Internship programme to learn and get the hands-on experience needed to kickstart your tech career. Our interns are ready to take on entry-level and junior positions after the internship training of 4 Weeks Intensive and Practical  programme.

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Next Cohort 6.0 starts 3rd July, 2023, 2023, 100% Online Classes

The Upschool Africa Internship structure is simple. Get hands-on practical skills in a week, practice and work on real life projects for two weeks under our supervision and gain your mastery and certification.

What our students and interns say

We have trained over 5000 students and interns in tech skills in Africa

One day, my wife send me a link and I ignored it because I was already getting tired of talking and nobody seem to understand what I want. Few days later she asked if I had registered and joined the group and I said no. She admonished me to give it a try that I might see what I am looking for their. I reluctantly registered on the Upschool Africa Internship program and she said I should maybe choose the UI/UX program; maybe I will get my answers their. I did and started waiting for the orientation day. I was now very anxious and eager to hear what they have to say. And on that day, the words I heard blew my mind and I knew finally I am on the right track into my Tech Journey. The UI/UX class is what I called I dream come true for me. I learnt how to put a picture in the mind down on paper, how to bring ideas to life, And suddenly now, I can see my ideas coming to fruition. Special thanks to our instructor whom through patience taught me who knew nothing about this program. Today I can outline my ideas to some extent and all thanks to UPSCHOOL AFRICA. While I appreciate this prestigious school, I also want to appeal to you to start the ADVANCE CLASS immediately. I want to be able to outline my ideas and also take advantage of the business of the Tech world. Thank you Upschool Africa for helping me start my dream on the right track. Thank you and God bless you.

Bobby Orhiere UI/UX Design, Cohort 5.0

Registering for the Upschool Internship Cohort 5.0 is one of the best decisions I've made in 2023. The training was intense, well-packaged and fully practical. I registered for the website design track and I'm grateful to God I did. From being a novice about website development, I've been able to build and publish my personal website, I was able to also build an e-commerce website like Jumia and AliExpress too in the space of 4 weeks. It's unbelievable! I got far more than my expectations from the training and I'm grateful for this opportunity. I want to thank the team @Upschool Africa and also the Vertical Teams Ltd for the privilege and dedication to bless humanity, especially the youths and empowering them to be skilled in tech. God bless you. Thank you very much

Ilesanm Yinka Website Design, Cohort 5.0

I got to know about Upschool Africa through a friend (Constance) who participated in the cohort 4.0. Prior to this time, I thought UI/UX Design and Web Design was like rocket science but I can boldly say that all the classes were fun, interesting and interactive. We’ve got the best tutor who took his time to carry everyone alone. I just can’t wait for the advanced classes to get started because I never knew I’d be a website designer someday. Thank you Upschool Africa.

James Jerome UI/UX Design, Cohort 5.0

I never thought I could get certified as a UI/UX designer much less for the price paid I really want to say a big thank you to the UPSCHOOL TEAM and my personal coach @Kay for the opportunity given to participate in the UI/UX class To @Kay for being the best tutor, for ensuring that we followed the classes, for his dedication and for efficiently imparting knowledge I say thank you

Irimefe UI/UX Design Intern

Infact, my passion for tech is now high. But this can be gauge from the competent tutor you gave us with his outstanding teaching ability. I enrolled with mindset of lemme just enroll because I thought it's something that will be too difficult for me to understand but from the first class, have started my practicing what we learnt and it's been so much amazing. Am grateful sir and can't wait to be fully equipped by getting my hands dirty with learning and relearning

Gabriel UI/UX Design Intern

It was a very positive experience that helped me improve my digital marketing skills . Through this experience I gained more than just knowledge, I gained hands on experience. Keep up the good work 👍🏽

Kate Agbontaen Digital Marketing Intern

Actually the most amazing part of it all was that I never knew there was an easier way to create a website cos all I had in mind joining the program was that we'll be running it through codes but as it turns out to be what was kinda more easy and less stressful to learn It's a nice program and I really commend both Vertical Teams Ltd and Upschool Africa for the opportunity and job well done

Atukale Adewale Website Design Intern

I have learnt a lot about Product Design majorly UI/UX design. I was a novice in tech before I participated in a week UI/UX design class organized by Upschool Africa. Thanks Upschool Africa"

Kolade UX/UX Intern

When I thought of changing career paths to Tech. I was a bit worried about the transformation. During my few months at Upschool Africa, I have learnt about HTML, CSS and Web development and I am sure of a good career path in tech under their guide.

Femi Olaniyi. A. Frontend Development Learner

I can only confess that I really like you for the opportunity you gave me to learn Website Design at the Upschool Africa Internship 2.0. Thank you Upschool Africa, I love you all.

Sunday Adelaja Website Design Intern

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