A Tech School for Everyone

At UpSchool Africa, you will learn everything needed to kickstart a career in tech either as a NO NOTHING or Beginner or Mid.

Our aim is to democratize tech skills that everyone can afford, build a successful career in tech in order to build the Africa we all want.

Our Courses

The UpSchool Africa aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the technical roles.

Frontend Engineering

Learn to build frontend technologies for web apps that drive users visual feelings and attract and retain users to web products. See Curriculum

Backend Engineering

Learn to build what makes web applications work and perform the business logic for businesses and for enterprise softwares. See Curriculum

UI/UX Design

Build design strategies, user interfaces and user experience for web and mobile apps that can be easily implemented. See Curriculum

Cloud Engineering

Learn deployment to the cloud and help web and apps scale as fast as possible. See Curriculum

Tech Support Engineering

Technical Support Engineering is what every companies globally need to support their customers technically. See Curriculum

Mobile Development

Learn to build apps that run on Smartphones that can serve the next 1 Billiion users. See Curriculum

Why Choose UpSchool Africa

Industry Standard Curriculum

We have crafted a futuristic and everyday needs tech skill curriculum for our students.

Industry Experts Instructors

Our Instructors are not beginners. They are industry experts that can practically hold your hands to learn your courses.

Internship Opportunity

Work with a startup where you practically work on real life projects and with different team to build engineering solutions.